Ramadan charity helps Pakistan’s poor

The downturn has particularly impacted those below poverty line – nearly 25% of Pakistan’s 210 million population. “Ramadan is the perfect time to …

by · Friday, 9 April 2021 · Pakistan, Turkey

Roma face tougher challenges during coronavirus

“The situation of the Roma community, struggling with deep poverty and discrimination, has deepened during the pandemic,” Elmas Arus, chairwoman …

by · Wednesday, 7 April 2021 · Oman, Turkey

Poverty, COVID-19 add to plight of Palestinian children

Poverty, COVID-19 add to plight of Palestinian children. Palestinians living Gaza continue to suffer from deteriorating economic and living conditions due …

by · Monday, 5 April 2021 · Palestinian, Turkey

Protesters seeking jobs shut oil refinery in Iraq

Unemployment in the oil-rich country is estimated at 27%, and the poverty rate at 25%, according to the latest statistics of the Iraqi Planning Ministry.

by · Wednesday, 31 March 2021 · Iraq, Turkey

Brazil suffers from poverty as COVID-19 pandemic aid dries up

Brazil suffers from poverty as COVID-19 pandemic aid dries up. Tatiana Araujo de Sirqueira, a 33-year-old single mother of six, and Brazilian …

by · Friday, 26 March 2021 · Turkey

COVID-19 caused more poverty in India than China: Study

The coronavirus pandemic caused more poverty in India than China, according to a study released Friday by the US think-tank Pew Research Center.

by · Friday, 19 March 2021 · China, India, Turkey

Vaccines change outlook for African economies

Positive outlook also attributed to holiday, travel expenditure, says UN expert · KIGALI, Rwanda · Climate risk · Poverty and health crisis.

by · Thursday, 18 March 2021 · Turkey

Should the state tax the rich for the common good?

The problem lies in the evident unfairness that some people have extreme wealth while millions of others face a difficult life of poverty, including its …

by · Saturday, 6 March 2021 · Turkey

Turkey helps poverty-stricken residents in Bosnia

2 humanitarian aid trucks arrive in Sarajevo, bringing aid for low-income neighborhoods. Talha Ozturk | 02.03.2021. Turkey helps poverty-stricken …

by · Tuesday, 2 March 2021 · Turkey

‘Turkey, Hungary make good cooperation during pandemic’

Poverty, underdevelopment, climate change, conflicts, and civil wars are just a few of them,” Cavusoglu added. – ‘Turkey filters threats from EU’s …

by · Thursday, 25 February 2021 · Turkey