Prolonged Covid pandemic worsens Asia’s staggering inequalities | Phnom Penh Post

But to talk about economic growth and reduction in absolute poverty was to only tell half of the story. Asia was also deeply unequal.

by · Thursday, 13 January 2022 · Cambodia

Hopeful Albanian youth find hardship abroad | Phnom Penh Post

Faced with persistent unemployment and deepening poverty at home, an untold number of parents across Albania send their children abroad. AFP …

by · Wednesday, 12 January 2022 · Cambodia

City slum dwellers holding out hope for cash aid | Phnom Penh Post

City slum Preak Takong along Hun Sen Boulevard is symptomatic of a system that might be ‘challenged’ in its bid to lift people out of poverty He …

by · Thursday, 23 December 2021 · Cambodia

Are democracies better at reducing poverty? | Phnom Penh Post

There is now the idea of “multidimensional poverty”, developed by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) and released by the UN …

by · Sunday, 19 December 2021 · Cambodia

Billionaires’ share of global wealth soars during pandemic | Phnom Penh Post

“While the wealth of billionaires rose by more than €3.6 trillion [$4 trillion], 100 million more people joined the ranks of extreme poverty,” …

by · Thursday, 9 December 2021 · Cambodia

Planning ministry revises poverty line figures | Phnom Penh Post

The poverty rate in other urban areas is at 12.6 per cent and in rural areas at 22.8 per cent. He added that the poverty rate in Cambodia for 2019- …

by · Thursday, 18 November 2021 · Cambodia

China’s journey from poverty to prosperity | Phnom Penh Post

China has made great achievements in improving people’s livelihoods, as described in the white paper titled China’s Epic Journey from Poverty to …

by · Friday, 5 November 2021 · Cambodia, China

Cash handout for poor enters seventh round | Phnom Penh Post

“A large number of our people are close to the poverty line, and the Covid-19 outbreak has made them even poorer. All assistance is worth it when …

by · Wednesday, 27 October 2021 · Cambodia

Little Hearts planning expansion of not-so-random kindness campaign | Phnom Penh Post

“Travelling through the Cambodian countryside, we saw a great deal of poverty and families living in rudimentary conditions.

by · Monday, 25 October 2021 · Cambodia

PPA legacy: Cambodia marks 30 years of Peace, Progress and Autonomy

“We have reduced poverty and we have been happy with our economic growth,” he says. Meanwhile, the spokesman says the government has also been …

by · Friday, 22 October 2021 · Cambodia, Vietnam