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Kotam tourist site: An example of integrating ecological tourism and local cultural identity

… and promoting the distinct culture of the Central Highlanders while reducing poverty and generating income for local ethnic minority people.

by · Friday, 15 January 2021 · Vietnam

Scientists warn climate change is harming children’s diets

… the gains seen from access to education, clean water and poverty reduction, said the U.S.-led study in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

by · Thursday, 14 January 2021 · Philippines

MVP rallies business community to support livelihood, agriculture ventures

By focusing efforts on poverty reduction, zero hunger and good health and well-being programs, PBSP heeds to the call of the United Nations to …

by · Thursday, 14 January 2021 · Philippines

Carvajal: Religious fatalism

The other barrier placed in the nation’s path towards minimizing, if not eradicating, mass poverty is the good Filipino’s indifference to necessary …

by · Thursday, 14 January 2021 · Philippines

Historic snowfall chills Madrid slum to the bones

… Canada Real is home to a community largely of Moroccan or gypsy origin who live in extreme poverty. Built along a former cattle trail, this sprawling …

by · Thursday, 14 January 2021 · Philippines

Ha Nam Province urged to become growth pole in Red River Delta

It also aims to reduce the poverty rate to less than 0.5% and increase health insurance coverage to 95% or above. Share this story …

by · Wednesday, 13 January 2021 · Vietnam

Why Nepal must legalise cannabis

We believe this is one of the ways to alleviate rural poverty. It also comes at a time when there is a push internationally to legalise not just medicinal …

by · Wednesday, 13 January 2021 · Nepal

DA chief calls for further opening up of economy to address hunger

… opportunities to lift our poor countrymen from poverty and hunger,” said Secretary Dar, who serves as vice-chair of IATF on Zero Hunger. To address …

by · Wednesday, 13 January 2021 · Philippines

Carvajal: Gaping partisan divide

Dire poverty on a massive scale is clearly our number one problem, not human rights. The problem is one of human rights only in the sense that …

by · Tuesday, 12 January 2021 · Philippines

IATF on Zero Hunger creates National Food Policy

The Enhanced Partnership against Hunger and Poverty, and the Institutionalization of Zero Hunger Problems are some of the programs the task force …

by · Tuesday, 12 January 2021 · Philippines