Expanding opportunities for urban poor in East Asia and Pacific cities

Expanding opportunities for urban poor in East Asia and Pacific cities

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Better jobs, higher salaries and improved access to basic services – the bright lights of cities seem to promise these and more.

But for millions lured to these centres for innovation and prosperity, cities can also lead to a …

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교육을 통한 동아시아의 4차산업혁명 대응방안

교육을 통한 동아시아의 4차산업혁명 대응방안


동아시아는 빠른 기술 진보에 대비하고 있다. (사진 : Gerhard Jörén / 세계은행)
‘4 차산업혁명 (4IR)’으로 불리는 자동화와 급속한 기술 발전은 경제 환경과 노동력에 요구되는 기술의 특성을 변화시키고 있다. 이와 관련한 새로운 도전이 전세계에 대두되고 있고 동아시아 또한 이에 대한 준비를 하고 있다.
 세계적 도전
자동화가 확대됨에 따라 기술력이 부족한 저소득 국가는 자동화에 더 많이 노출된다. 특히 기술수준이 높…

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The innovation imperative: How Asia can leverage exponential technologies to improve lives and promote growth

Robots will take over our jobs, disrupt our industries and erode our competitiveness.
Such were commonly expressed fears about advances in automation, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing – key representations of exponential technologies – …

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Over 4 billion receive ineffective social protection: ILO

Currently, half of Korea’s population aged 65 and over lives in relative poverty, nearly four times higher than the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development average of 13 per cent. There are three different types of pension incomes that those aged 65 or older can receive: social welfare, …

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